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what is hexapod?

by ashish in Tech at 2017-04-17 16:31:24 got 2 Comments 78 Views

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ashish comment on "what is hexapod?"

a hexapod is a robot that walk on six legs. Since a robot can be statically balance on three or more legs therefore I had support robot has a great deal with flexibility in how it can move. If one of the leg become disable steal the has support robot can move easily furthermore not all legs are required for stability their phone The Other leg are free to move to the next point manipulate the payload. hexapod are inspired from insect locomotion


mohd comment on "what is hexapod?"

The subphylum hexapoda (from the greek for six legs ) continui the lergest number of species of arthropods and includes the insect as well as three much smaller group of wingless arthropods collembola, protura and diplura collembura are very abbudant in trastrial environment.
Hexapods are named for their most distictive feature a consolodated thorax wwith three pair of legs.
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