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What are the uses of optical fibres?

by aman in Science at 2017-04-17 16:03:26 got 2 Comments 71 Views

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aman comment on "What are the uses of optical fibres?"

1.The optical fibres are used in the field of communication and the computers. they are used for transmitting and receiving electrical signals which are converted into light.
2.the optical fibres are used for transmitting the optical Signals and the two dimensional pictures.
3. the optical fibres are used for making medical investigation.
4.the optical fibres in the form of automatic sensors are used for measuring the blood flow in the heart.


Yash comment on "What are the uses of optical fibres?"

Optical fiber is a wire used to communicate and transfer signals from one point to another point with very less loss of strength it's work on the principle of total internal reflection with the help of optical fibre we can transmit signal at very long distance and with very high speed