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Stop commenting from now. This is the end of vegcorn earning system.

by Admin in Vegcorn at 2017-04-18 09:05:13 got 3 Comments 73 Views
Again and again violation of comments policies. We can expect this from new users but we never expect that old users like Nikhil will do this.
Before every payment we check the users comment. But after giving 2-3 payment we add the users in special list. We don't check the comments of special list users. But today we thought to check the comments of all users. And after reading latest answers of old users we shocked.

There was a question "What is Electric Power?"
and his answer is" Electric power is may be defined as the rate at which work is done inside the power supply through a conductor that's called electrical power.
For example we are just passing and electricity through a salty water by just fixing a battery I'm just passing some electric current and it is really passing because salty water is containing ions in a huge number that's why electricity is possible"

which makes no sense. His all latest answers is like this.

So you will not get paid for comments which you write after today.
Pending payment will be cleared today.

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Nikhil comment on "Stop commenting from now. This is the end of vegcorn earning system."

Nowadays i am not feeling very well thats why i tried to type faster there were some meaning less comments i appreciate but admin please bro dont remove payment function from here!
You can remove my all the latest comments 5 dollars comments.
But please admin dont block me where will i go i dont have any part time job.
Please admin please from now i will not type any sense less comment


gugu comment on "Stop commenting from now. This is the end of vegcorn earning system."

hey admin please dont do this. my internet is now working fine and i just came to do some comments and i saw this thread. please i need to earn some money to support my studies. if their are some users who do useless comments but their are many users here too who provide good answers and i also provide proper answers and i earned from this site too. after my second payment i have not recieved any warning on violation of comment policy so please dont stop this earning syestem please admin


Aditya comment on "Stop commenting from now. This is the end of vegcorn earning system."

Hey admin I can understand your emotions but for someone's sake you can't do injustice with all the other users who are putting lots of efforts by commenting to earn. You should atleast think about them. It's an humble request from me and the other users of vegcorn to please don't close this site and its earning system.