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|| ADMIN || (original one)

by Vikhyat in Vegcorn at 2017-04-19 03:41:21 got 2 Comments 58 Views
Look Brother I know you have raised your hands on this website.. and If i ask myself I would have done the same

but brother
just one time
can we both talk about this.. personally?
afterall now you have shout down this

so.. i don't think you'll mind talking to me?

Just one last time

and I am sure It will be useful for you. :)

Please Just One Time

You Want To Close This Site
Shut It Down
But For A Last Time
Its A Humble Request

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Please first login before giving your precious advice.


Admin comment on "|| ADMIN || (original one)"

you can comment here whatever you want to say.


Vikhyat comment on "|| ADMIN || (original one)"

If I'll comment here, it will be public

Trust me I won't disclose your identity

I am also a admin of 3 hugely followed pages on instagram and facebook

so.. I know the importance of a Admin's identity

trust me you can message me